Is counselling for you?

"Through your guidance I have learnt so much about my self and others, that will help me so much in life and to progress further. One of the most powerful things in life is to understand who you are and to work out things which once caused anxiety"J Haslemere

Counselling helps you take a close look at your life and what makes you 'tick'. It gives you an opportunity to iron out those aspects and issues you feel its time to address. Counselling is not about advising or telling you what to do - it's about helping and empowering you to find those answers you have been searching for.


  • Are you struggling with the pressures of life?

  • Are things getting on top of you?

  • Are you feeling isolated and unable to cope?

  • Are you feeling low, anxious or depressed?

  • Are you suffering from the loss of someone close to you?

  • Are you distressed, have low self-esteem or lack confidence?

  • Do I need help with Job Interviews - technique and confidence?

  • Do you feel overlooked or taken for granted?

    If the answer is yes to any of these then counselling and psychotherapy could help you and may even be LIFE CHANGING!


  • Understand yourself more

  • Feel happier and less stressed

  • Increase your confidence and self - worth

  • Have more clarity and focus in life

  • Feel healthier in mind and body

  • Be more accepting of yourself and others

  • Take some control of your anger

    "In Paul I found some one who made me feel safe and created a warm and open environment to help me find myself. He was comfortable in showing his human side which made me feel more normal and gave me hope for the future. He challenged my distorted thinking sensitively and when necessary firmly, but at all times appropriately. I am now in touch with my feelings and able to ask for what I want, feeling listened to and valued at long last"V Hindhead


    Mediation is a proven method of successfully resolving issues, breakdowns in relationships (and in teams) and assisting those who have 'gone off the rails' It helps those in mediation to understand each other's views, values and feelings about the situation and more importantly the impact of their actions.

    I positively look to encourage people at the conference or on a one to one basis, to openly and honestly share their story/version of events including their feelings. This allows all those present to have some understanding of how others experience them.

    Part of the mediation is looking for people to move forward, learn from their experiences and accept other's views. To do this I look to agree a contract for reparation that all are happy to sign up to. This will only occur when and if people feel ready and strong enough to agree a course of action to help repair where things have gone wrong.

    It can be proactively used to bring people together in any walk of life whether it be corporate/public service/voluntary sector/community/families to help them have an understanding of each other and reach some form of agreement.

    Please remember you can find me through google by searching for counsellors in Godalming, Haslemere, Hindhead, Guildford, Petworth, Midhurst and Fernhurst.


    I have many years in management and working in a Safeguarding and Therapeutic environment. I pride myself in the investment I put into people, the empowerment to learn, grow and feel reassured/supported. I work with supervisees in business, coaching and psychotherapy.